Treating Erectile Dysfunction: Viagra Miracle Pills

There is a great number of pills for ED that should be taken orally. One should be swallowed at once, others should be kept under tongue for some time until resorption. Some should be taken regardless of meal and alcohol use while others are not recommended to be taken with fatty food. The first are actually more preferable because they don’t demand you to change your lifestyle habits. Though majority of the pills start acting within 20-25 minutes, their longevity period varies. Some drugs work for a few hours after ingestion while others deliver super long performance – for 36 hours. Still all of them allow to achieve solid erection during this period of time when sexually stimulated.

viagra-online-canadaOne may say that Viagra is no more actual in treating ED when there is an abundancy of pills on the market. In fact Viagra possesses a special status among all other pills – these pills changed the sanitary image of the world. Just like penicillin in older times. It is noticed that thanks to Viagra the curve of suicides worldwide has waned. This applies not only men but women, too.

Viagra still helps to cope with a bunch of psychological problems. In contrast to injection into penis, a tablet doesn’t cause an immediate erection. To make it work a man still needs sexual stimulation. But it starts working at the right time. This is what made this blue magic pill so popular even in the farthest corners of the world.

But science never sleeps. The next generation of sex pills leave Viagra behind. No secret that Viagra has some drawbacks that are not in its favor. It often causes flushing, fast hear beating, blurred vision, but the main this is that when you take a pill you start hurrying because the effect lasts for 4-5 hours only. Little time is left for foreplay, which is the best natural sexual stimulation. So logically the only question comes into the mind:

Who Buys Viagra Now?

According to The New York Times, the first buyers of Viagra were indeed people suffering from serious erectile dysfunction problems. Viagra promised to restore sexual life of men suffering from diabetes, neurological dysfunction or those who experienced ED as a side effect from taking antidepressants.

impotenceIn a course of time the demand for Viagra abruptly grew up in Canada. First off, sexual therapists began to prescribe Viagra to nearly every man who needed it without severe examination; not only to aged men with sever impotence symptoms but to younger men who had weak/flaccid erection. Second, a great number of online pharmacies had Viagra without Rx on offer. Anyone can order it and have it delivered by the door steps. Correspondingly, the number of men who used to buy Viagra enlarged greatly. Even healthy patients opted for a blue pill as a safety net before any heart-pounding meetings.

The portrait of one of such customers was described in the issues of The New York Times. 41-year-old Chris London is a lawyer who lives in New York. One of his business partners once said that she can’t work with a man if they didn’t have sex before. London was discouraged by her statement but still agreed to meet after work. Following his doctor’s advice London decided to calm down his excitement with the help of Viagra pill.

Simply put, those buy Viagra who want to be confident in their sexual abilities regardless of the circumstances. At the same time the manufacturer of magic blue pills emphasizes that eating or drinking doesn’t affect the performance. With canadian Viagra your sexual triumph is guaranteed!