21 Orgasms per Month Prevent Prostate Cancer

Masturbating not only feels good but it may also be good for the body, at least for men. According to a new study, frequent masturbation could have a really positive effective on a man’s prostate gland. The research, which comes from the prestigious Harvard University, says that men who have sexual pleasure more frequently can in fact reduce their odds of developing prostate cancer by a whopping 33%.

More than linking masturbation with prostate cancer – or lack of it, to be more exact — the researchers actually found out how often a man needs to pleasure himself in order to maintain their prostate healthy.

According to the study’s findings, having 21 orgasms or more every month will really improve the man’s chances of avoiding prostate cancer down the line.

The research had about 32,000 participants, who were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their masturbation habits. These men were then followed over the next 18 years and assessed at three different times: the year before they filled the questionnaire, during their 20s and again after they turned 40.

At the end of the study’s 18 year period, the researchers concluded that higher rates — or frequency — of masturbation were linked to lower rates of prostate cancer among the participants. But while these findings may be surprising to some, they aren’t exactly groundbreaking, as other studies have previously reached similar conclusions. The only new data this recent research brought to the table was the exact amount of orgasms a man needs to have in order to keep their prostate in top shape.

What is more interesting than this study’s findings, however, is that while doctors feel fairly confident that orgasms do promote better health, the actual connection between the two remains a complete mystery for the medical community.

Some professionals have come up with tentative explanations for why orgasms promote health, but science has yet to back any theories. Many doctors tend to think that maybe ejaculation helps prevent build up in the prostate, as it might expel bacteria and toxins that would otherwise remain trapped.

One fact to remember, however, is that ejaculation can be achieved through intercourse as well as masturbation, and that the two aren’t different in any way when it comes to the effect on the prostate gland.

To sum up, it is important for men to be sexually active if they want to have a healthy prostate. Both masturbation and intercourse will provide the desired effect, but neither will be 100% effective. So men should still be vigilant about their health and go to the doctor for regular check-ups.