4 Practical Tips on How to Spice up Your Sex Life

One of the most common reasons why couples break up or their romantic compatibility goes on a downward slide is due to a sex life that’s losing steam. In a long term relationship, sex tends to gradually become monotonous or even boring. When this happens, something should be done and if you don’t find solutions for it, the breakdown of the relationship might get worse. Below are some tips on how you can bring back the sizzle in your sex life. Of course, these techniques will require full cooperation between the man and the woman. If you work together, getting back what’s been missing in your sex life will be a lot easier.Spice up Your Sex Life

  1. Plan a romantic getaway: Spend some tete-a-tete time with your significant other in a place where you can focus on each other. Leave behind the nuances of your jobs and simply enjoy each other’s company. Go to a secluded beach, to a resort that’s far away from home, or take a couple’s adventure like hiking, mountain climbing, and surfing.
  2. Be more unpredictable: There are effective ways to break the monotonous routine. For instance, if you usually have sex before you go to sleep, why not try something else like morning sex or afternoon sex. The main goal here is to introduce a different pattern in your sex life. Furthermore, try to surprise your partner with a move he or she hasn’t experienced before.
  3. Explore each other’s sexual fantasies: Everyone has sexual fantasies. This is something that you should tap into if you want to spice up your life in the bedroom. The trick here is that you should be open to each other’s fantasies. The more open you are to the sexual ideas of each other, the easier it will be to actually put them into action.
  4. Flirt even when you’re away from each other: If you’re at work and she’s at home, try flirting with her on the phone. If she’s up to the challenge, the sex that happens when you get home will be a lot more intense. In a nutshell, keep flirting with each other even if you’re not in the same room or place.

It’s not that difficult to put these practical tips into action. In fact, you can try all of them at the same time. Generally speaking, you need to introduce new things in your relationship. If everything is predictable or monotonous, that’s when either one of you starts losing interest. Sex is a very important aspect of a romantic relationship so you need to keep it alive to ensure that the relationship lasts long.