A Simple Guide on Kegel Exercises for Men

Regular exercise is a critical aspect of every man’s health. Unfortunately, most men focus on only the apparent parts of the body such as abs, arms and calves when creating a workout routine. One of the neglected areas is the pelvic floor, and this disregard can compromise the long-term health and physiological performance. Basically, the pelvic floor is the group of muscles which support your critical pelvic organs. Here is a short guide to help you understand Kegel exercises which are designed to strengthen this body structure.

Benefits of the pelvic floor exercisemale-pelvic-floor-muscles

The pelvic floor is responsible for supporting the bladder, bowel and even sexual organs. However, there are factors which can lead to the weakening of this network of muscles. For example, the pelvic floor has reduced function after removal of the prostate or when one has diabetes or an overactive bladder. The lack of proper organ support will lead to urinary and even faecal incontinence as well as dribbling of urine after urination.

Kegel exercise will strengthen these muscles to give you long-term control of your bladder, whether you are already affected by these issues or not. In addition, the practice can improve the quality of erections and promote better orgasms.

Finding the muscles

The Kegel exercises are simple to perform, but you must determine the right muscles to target. There are different ways in which you can locate them; the simplest technique is during urination. Ideally, when you are urinating, attempt to slow down or stop the stream halfway through the process. You should not hold your breath during this action or even clench the muscles in your abdomen or the buttocks. You have found the pelvic floor muscles if you are able to stop the urine. Alternatively, you might be able to locate them by imagining that you are trying to prevent gas passage.

Doing the Kegel exercises

You can perform the Kegel exercises anywhere and in almost any position. However, as a beginner, it is prudent to do these when lying down because it will provide the least strain. Focus on the pelvic floor muscles, contract them and count to five and then release for the same count. Repeat this same sequence ten times to complete a set. For optimal benefits and effect, you should do this set of ten approximately three times daily.

You should note that you must not do your Kegel exercise when urinating because this is thought to contribute to bladder infections. So you may do it only once or twice to feel the right muscles and understand how they work.