Artificially Sweetened Dinks May Increase the Risk of Stroke

Medical professionals loosely define a stroke as a ‘brain attack.’ Technically, it occurs when blood flow to a certain section of the brain is cut off, resulting in the death of brain cells in the affected area due to oxygen deprivation. The death of the brain cells causes the affected part of the brain to lose its control abilities. Continue reading

Healthcare-Associated Infections and Contaminated Floors

Do you know what healthcare-associated infections are? If you don’t, then consider educating yourself on the issue because it could have a drastic impact on your health in the future.

You run to healthcare professionals whenever you’ve got ill because you trust them to banish your illnesses and ensure the health of your mind and body. Continue reading

Healthy Living Is Actually Simple

To many people, a healthy lifestyle seems complicated and impossible to lead, especially for those who have adapted fully to the modern lifestyle. Seeking advice from experts proves to be of little help as most give conflicting information. However, no one really needs to use any special health products to keep healthy. Continue reading

Ways to Soothe a Teething Baby

Has your baby started crying all the time, refusing to eat and sucking on various items? Does he/she have swollen gums? Chances are that your child is teething. The process of teething can be quite difficult for your baby as it could come with adverse effects such as pain and other sorts of discomfort. Continue reading