Facebook and Depression

Facebook can lead to depression, a new study indicates. The study made by David Baker and Dr Guillermo Perez Algorta from Lancaster University, was based on all research findings that have been carried out in the past as to the links between social networking and depression. They studied data from researches that were made in 14 countries involving 35 000 participants of ages from 15 to 88. Continue reading

BioPen: Sculpting New Body Tissue By Hand

Australian scientists are working on a proof-of-concept that could change the world of surgery. A collaboration between researchers from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) and surgeons at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, resulted in a pen-shaped 3D bioprinter that can repair and print new bone and cartilage tissue. Continue reading

Can a Kiss Transmit the Zika Virus

Every person who has been recently watching the news on a daily basis is certain to have heard about the Zika virus. Its “popularity” went through the roof as soon as the first cases started appearing in the United States of America, spreading fear and panic especially since it was confirmed to be able to transmit from a pregnant woman to the baby, causing microcephaly and in rare cases some other malformations all related to the brain. Continue reading

Shorter Work Weeks Improve Health

A lot of health complications in the United States manifest not only as a result of poor habits and conditions but also because of inappropriate working hours. Lots of people in the USA spend more time working than any other population of a developed country, clocking an estimated fifty hours in a given week. Continue reading

Astounding Invention Helps Quadriplegic Move His Hand

When it comes to the survival and preservation of our species, medicine is the most important science of all. There are a huge number of breakthroughs and inventions that have helped us overcome many diseases and other conditions that would otherwise deteriorate the quality of our lives or even be fatal.    Continue reading