Hepatitis D – Diagnosis and Prophylaxis

Hepatitis D is the most dangerous of the five types of hepatitis namely A, B, C, D and E. It is caused by the hepatitis D virus (HDV), an RNA virus which is a subviral satellite (it can replicate only in the presence of hepatitis B virus). Some of the complications due to the HDV infection include liver cirrhosis and an increased risk of liver failure. Continue reading


Arterial hypertension, hypertension, or high blood pressure is a chronic medical condition of increased blood pressure in the arteries. The two measurements used to verify blood pressure are the diastolic (the minimum) and systolic (the maximum) pressures. When the left ventricle is more relaxed before the next contraction, diastolic pressure takes place. When the right ventricle is the most contracted, systolic pressure takes place. Continue reading