Cinnamon Could Be Used to Fight Obesity

Recent research findings show that popular spice, cinnamon, could help to fight obesity. The findings are based on a study by the University of Michigan’s Life Sciences Institute, and the news was published in the medical journal Metabolism. The research could see cinnamon being used alongside other treatments to prevent or control weight problems. Continue reading

How Most of Us Became Addicted to Sugar That Kills Us

Over the last few years new studies have revealed some very unpleasant truths about sugar that we ingest every single day. Previously, it was thought that sugar was not exactly healthy for us, but in moderation it couldn’t do much harm. Now a 2017 study has revealed a more startling truth: sugar is toxic, addictive and it is killing us all slowly. Continue reading

How Gluten Creeps into Diets Unnoticed

The word ‘gluten’ has become familiar and somewhat foul-sounding for many people over the last few years. The nutrient, which is found in wheat, rye and barley, as well as their hybrid grains, is linked to several autoimmune diseases and allergies. More importantly, it is solely responsible for celiac disease. Continue reading

Why Colon Cleansing Is Good for You

Colon cleansing can play a very important role in your body’s overall wellness and health. It has also been shown to help reduce the risks associated with colon cancer. This treatment method also ensures that your digestive system is up to task and effective. During cleansing, undigested waste in the colon is pushed out of the system to create a clear way for the efficient absorption of nutrients. Continue reading

Nutrition Myths that so many of us Believe in

The problem with a lot of nutrition myths is that no one talks about them but many believe in them. Admittedly, most nutrition myths are actually harmless. However, anyone looking to live a healthy life must learn to separate facts from fiction. The sooner you put some of these myths to bed the better. Continue reading

Is Butter Good for You?

Butter has earned a terrible reputation over the years. Despite the flavors it brings to the table, transforming the least inviting meals into masterpieces, people have taken to blaming butter for every possible medical ailment, from obesity to cardiovascular illnesses, so much so that butter has been shunned by many people for the negative reputation it has garnered. Continue reading

Men’s Healthy Foods Written

Most people take junk food as a recent study indicates. Sometimes it does not require a genius to figure it out as nowadays, most urban areas are filled with more processed foods. These foods have many flavors and other additives added to them to make them sweet or tasty. A hamburger for example, which is mostly, consumed in most fast food stores. It has been termed the modern diet. However, in men it is dangerous especially to those who are suffering from prostate cancer or are survivors. Continue reading