Finding Best Time of Day for Sex

Nobody is going to dispute that sex plays an important role in human culture and society. We need it to procreate, sure, but its significance and social value is so much more than that. That’s more or less agreed upon. What might not be so universally acknowledged and agreed upon, though, is when the absolute best time to have sex is. Continue reading

3 Drugs That Help Overcome Low Sexual Drive

Low libido is no longer an impediment to sexual activity. Males and females who are frustrated with their low sex drives can find temporary relief in a few recent drugs. Some of these products were specifically designed to tackle the problem and some just happen to work so. Continue reading

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment Basics

Of all the things that threaten a successful sex life, erectile dysfunction tops the list. Make no mistake, a thriving sex life goes a long way towards improving your overall health and the relationship between you and your partner. That doesn’t, however, mean that erectile dysfunction isn’t a major topic that is highly scrutinized in the medical world; Continue reading

Why Are Men Faking Orgasms?

Faking orgasms is considered by almost everyone to be something done exclusively by women, but a recent research is here to contradict this claim. Even though it is considered to be a sign of disrespect towards the partner, experts claim that fake orgasms prove, at least most of the times, that there are issues in the sex life of the couple. Continue reading

The Link between Intimate Grooming and STI Susceptibility

Can intimate grooming affect the risk of STIs? That is the question researchers from various American Universities have been trying to answer. Curious as the notion might sound, this isn’t the first time studies into this issue have been executed. Though, prior explorations of the notion were mostly driven by curiosity, which is why they were executed on such a small scale. Continue reading

4 Practical Tips on How to Spice up Your Sex Life

One of the most common reasons why couples break up or their romantic compatibility goes on a downward slide is due to a sex life that’s losing steam. In a long term relationship, sex tends to gradually become monotonous or even boring. When this happens, something should be done and if you don’t find solutions for it, the breakdown of the relationship might get worse. Continue reading

Top 3 Sex Myths about Men

Sexual life is considered to be a very sensitive issue that most of us avoid discussing with others, even with a medical professional. Quite often, lack of sexual education leads to the creation of certain myths and rumors that simply refuse to die, no matter how much science has advanced. In this article, we are going to Continue reading

Women share their views on Addyi

“I was a bit doubtful about this ‘female Viagra’ that everyone was buzzing about but no one seemed to really agree on. I am happy to report that it works for me though. My sex life and my relationship with my long-term boyfriend have improved immensely since I got on this, so I can’t rave enough about it!” Continue reading

Five most Common Myths about Birth Control and STDs

Sexual health is a very important component of our lives since it directly affects many different parts of our overall health in general. This is why acquiring correct information about it is crucial to not only enjoy sex but also not fill our thoughts with needless panic or recklessness, two situations that can have negative effects, either psychological or physical. Continue reading