Five most Common Myths about Birth Control and STDs

Sexual health is a very important component of our lives since it directly affects many different parts of our overall health in general. This is why acquiring correct information about it is crucial to not only enjoy sex but also not fill our thoughts with needless panic or recklessness, two situations that can have negative effects, either psychological or physical. Continue reading

The facts about the 3 most prevalent STDs

No matter how far sexual safety has come, STDs are still the number one concern for those who are sexually active. Information abounds and means of prevention are readily available in Western countries, but no method guaranties absolute safety and STDs, from the purely annoying ones to the truly serious, remain a serious problem. Today we look at the most common of these diseases. Continue reading

The Consequences of Abstaining from Sex

What happens when you stop having sex? This isn’t an issue for individuals who choose to avoid the activity in general and have never really indulged in sexual activity for any notable period of time. Rather, this question is targeted towards people with a relatively healthy sexual lifestyle and who suddenly experience a very lengthy dry spell. Continue reading

Understanding Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are elements and substances that not only evoke sexual desire but also stimulate and sustain it. A lot of people confuse male enhancers for aphrodisiacs, probably because the manufacturers have a tendency to label these substances and drugs as aphrodisiacs. Continue reading

How Sex Affects your Body

Everyone loves sex, and you do not really have to convince people that sexual intercourse is good for them. However, not many people know why sex is actually a good thing.

More than just another pleasurable activity, sex can attract a number of unexpected health benefits, the most prominent of which will include the following: Continue reading