Chronic Masturbation: How to Stop “Pleasing yourself” too much

Contrary to what you may have heard from some sources that have tried to demonize masturbation, it’s not such a terrible thing. In fact, “pleasing yourself” can be part of your normal sex life because it can enhance your body’s immunity, boost your mood, and even help you control your length in bed if have premature ejaculation.

Is-masturbation-good-for-youHowever, there is one problem: if masturbation is overdone, it can lead to many negative health effects. Ever heard of the saying “too much of anything is harmful”? It applies to masturbation as well.

Chronic or excessive masturbation can affect your life in different ways. It can impact your social life negatively, destroy your relationship, cause sexual problems when engaged in sex with a real partner, lead to memory and concentration issues, or even lead to erectile dysfunction (ED).

So how can you stop “over-pleasing yourself” in case you have such a problem?

Stop watching porn

A large number of people who are over-masturbating also happen to watch a lot of porn. Pornography itself isn’t such a bad thing as people imagine; the problem is when you’re consuming too much of it. If too much porn is what is causing you to masturbate too often, then try reducing it gradually. Don’t have porn in your laptop or smartphone. Avoid visiting too porn sites. Train your mind to start thinking about other things and not porn all the time.

Talk to your partner about it

I know things can be a bit tricky here. Firstly, because a good number of people who are suffering from chronic masturbation don’t have sexual partners. Secondly, because those with lovers are doing their “self-pleasing” without their partners’ knowledge, and in fact wouldn’t want them to know about it out of fear of being dumped.

For those who have partners, be frank with your lover and ask him/her to understand and accept your habit. You may even ask your partner to take part in your playing. For instance, most of the things that you love doing to yourself with your hands or toys your partner can do for you. This way, you’re going to control your frequency of masturbating because the process requires the participation of another player.

Keep yourself busy and focused

If you’re masturbating too much, then it’s probably because you’re thinking too much about sex. Rather, find another outlet to direct your thoughts and energy. Distract your mind with meaningful thoughts and activities. You can partially replace your frequent urge to “self-please” by avoiding being alone behind closed doors and socializing as much as possible to keep your mind occupied with thoughts not related to sex.