Eating 20 Grams of Nuts Every Day Could Save Your Life

Everyone knows that nuts are very healthy. However, not everyone knows just how healthy nuts can be. For instance, nuts have been proven to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. Even more astounding are the studies suggesting that nuts can actually reduce the risk of cancer. But as a matter of fact, none of that is new, especially to health and nutrition enthusiasts. What is new, however, is the finding that the benefits of nuts exceed even the purview of coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer, which is what they have been known for quite a while.

It has been recently suggested that nut consumption can probably reduce the risk of premature death, in general, resulting from diseases besides the ones mentioned above. That is a bold claim to make, but it could change the landscape of health and nutrition if it is explored and proven to be true.

Eating NutsWhat Nuts Can Do for You

The strength of nuts emanates from their rich content of unsaturated fats and antioxidants. Nuts are also rich in fiber, this along with playing host to vitamins and a whole host of minerals that justify why they are classified as a superfood.

A team of researchers from the United Kingdom (Imperial College London) and Norway (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) carried out a study subsequently published in the BMC Medicine journal to further explore the beneficial nature of nuts. The researchers performed a meta-analysis of 29 existing studies using databases from PubMed and Embase. Analyzing these 29 studies, the team was able to include an estimated 800,000 participants in their analysis, including individuals that had suffered from CVD, stroke, and cancer.

The study, which sought to identify an association between nut consumption and death as a result of various illnesses, revealed that eating merely a handful of nuts every day brought one’s risk of mortality down by 22 percent. 20 grams of nuts was all it took to bring the risk of diseases like coronary heart disease down by 30 percent. Even the risk of cancer seemed to fall by an estimated 15 percent due to regular nut consumption.

But why are nuts so effective at reducing the risks of so many illnesses? That question cannot be accurately answered at this point. The fact that nuts are home to fiber, magnesium, and polyunsaturated fats might have something to do with it; those components have been known to reduce cholesterol levels. It should also be noted that nuts have more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables. That doesn’t completely explain why nut consumption seems to drastically reduce the risk of both cancer and stroke though. However, it’s obvious that you need to make nuts a regular component of your diet since their health benefits are indubitable. And you do not even need to eat that many to improve your health.