Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment Basics

Of all the things that threaten a successful sex life, erectile dysfunction tops the list. Make no mistake, a thriving sex life goes a long way towards improving your overall health and the relationship between you and your partner. That doesn’t, however, mean that erectile dysfunction isn’t a major topic that is highly scrutinized in the medical world; a lot of men suffer from the condition and are frustrated by it. If there is something that modern medicine has been able to prove, it is the complexity of ED in terms of the many factors that can cause it.

Causes of EDErectile-dysfunction-ED

Years of research has discovered a number of factors that directly bring about erectile dysfunction, all of which are classified as either physical or psychological. However, as far as the physical factors go, poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive alcohol and eating a lot of fatty food can lead to ED. In addition, certain health conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, also play a part in it.

These physical factors directly affect the body in one way or the other, hence causing ED to take root. Cigarette smoking, for example, makes the arteries that direct blood to the penis to constrict or clog, restricting considerable blood flow that allows you to have an erection. Diabetes also has a similar effect on arterial constriction, what is referred to as atherosclerosis. Hypertension has been found to damage the arteries, thus leading to impaired blood flow throughout the body. If not through atherosclerosis, then severe nerve damage around the penal region can also give rise to ED, something that diabetes can easily do.

When it comes to psychological factors, though, it has been confirmed that anxiety disorder, depression, sense of guilt as well as fear of intimacy are the major factors contributing to ED. A person who is facing a sexual encounter for the first time is more susceptible to these factors.

Treatment of ED

Regardless of the numerous causes of ED, modern medicine has come up with effective ways of treating erectile dysfunction. However, every treatment option requires you to talk to a medical specialist first, since most so-called ED drugs have their own contraindications and side effects. Any certified medical specialist can diagnose your condition in order to determine the causes first, after which you can be prescribed medication that suits you the best.

To those who for some reasons can’t use ED drugs, there are vacuum devices that can improve erectile function. When it comes to severe cases of ED, there is surgery that aims to reestablish your sex life by means of penile implants.