Facebook and Depression

Facebook can lead to depression, a new study indicates. The study made by David Baker and Dr Guillermo Perez Algorta from Lancaster University, was based on all research findings that have been carried out in the past as to the links between social networking and depression. They studied data from researches that were made in 14 countries involving 35 000 participants of ages from 15 to 88.

facebook-depression-2The study shows that feelings of depression as a result of using networking sites will depend on gender and age. Teens are more predisposed to Facebook-related depression. Also, females are more prone to it than males. Negative comparison was shown to lead to increased rumination or over thinking. This results in posting on Facebook frequently.

The study found the following factors to trigger Facebook-related depression:

Accepting friend requests from former partners

People who become friends with their ex-partners find themselves frequently checking their profiles to see how they are faring. Seeing how well they are doing or update on their new partners can lead to a mental breakdown.

Feeling envious of others

Often, when the post updates indicate they are having a good life, envy and jealousy ensues. This can lead to low self-esteem and feelings of depression.

Posting negative updates

Progressively making demeaning status updates eventually causes one to have a negative view of life. It also leads one to lose social-network friends leading to depressive feelings.

While most people claim that they are too strong to be affected by Facebook-related depression, studies show this is not the case. A victim of this phenomenon can reverse it by following these tips:

Being aware of the truth

Knowing that social network users only post the good things in their lives omitting the bad ones is the first step toward avoiding stress brought by such posts. A victim may learn to ignore them as brags.

Don’t log on when feeling lonely

Logging onto Facebook when feeling lonely will find one at their most vulnerable state. At that time photos of others having a good time can make one feel miserable.

Seeking medical help

Sometimes feelings of depression can be too severe to deal with on your own. In such cases, you should seek professional help.

There are many social networking sites on the web. They have close to 2 billion users altogether. However, Facebook is the leading one with more than three quarters of the number. In fact, this is the reason why researchers have focused on the site to represent social networking in general.