Finding Best Time of Day for Sex

Nobody is going to dispute that sex plays an important role in human culture and society. We need it to procreate, sure, but its significance and social value is so much more than that. That’s more or less agreed upon. What might not be so universally acknowledged and agreed upon, though, is when the absolute best time to have sex is. We’re sure everyone would have their own personal preferences, but that’s not what we need here. We want to find out the straight up, scientific, once-and-for-all truth on the matter.

Anyway, here’s what the science says on the matter.

Morning Storm: 7:00 am to 10:00 am

Sex in the morning may not quite be everybody’s cup of tea, with the grogginess, inexplicably unnerving breath, overnight sweats and quite possibly a hangover to boot. But the science tells us to go for it. It turns out that the morning hours are when testosterone levels, for men, are at their highest because we’re well rested, and so we will have more energy available for sexual activity. All that means that you will actually last longer.

That isn’t all that comes with the morning. The rush of endorphins (our body’s ‘feel good’ hormones that are released during sex) actually lowers our stress levels and blood pressure, boosting our mood significantly for the rest of the day as well as bumping up our body’s levels of a certain antibody that helps protect us against infection.

Midday Monsoon: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

There’s nothing that will lift your spirits on a Wednesday noon quite like a midday romp. The therapeutic value of sex is firmly backed by science. Next time you feel the workday dragging on without an end in sight, skip that lunch you carried and set up a midday rendezvous with your partner. You’ll walk back into the office with a new spring in your step, guaranteed. Just try not to get to napping once back at your desk. That’s not cool.

Bed Time: 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

You might have had a long day. You’ve been sleep-walking for a few hours just dreaming about plunging yourself into dreamland. It’s understandable and perfectly natural. However, it turns out that sex can actually be a great help in getting you to sleep. Sex in the evening has a sedative effect on us, helping us fall asleep quicker and have a deeper, more revitalizing sleep.

Nighttime: Midnight – 3:00 am

The thing with late night/early morning sex is that you can’t really predict what it will be like. It could be incredibly disappointing or it could just surprise both of you with its intensity. It certainly is worth trying, though.

In conclusion, with all said, it seems that the outstanding winner here will be the morning hours. But, of course, it doesn’t mean you cannot disagree with that. Besides, it wouldn’t be wise to forgo any opportunity that presents itself throughout the day, too.