Health Screening: Routine Preventive Tests for Men

The human body requires diligent care for optimal performance. Therefore, it is important to consume health balanced meals and exercise regularly. Unfortunately, this will not render you immune to common diseases, particularly those that develop slowly and silently. If you are like most men, you will probably postpone the doctor’s visits until there is an injury or actual illness to treat. However, consider improving your preventative healthcare by submitting to these simple routine screenings.

Blood pressure testmens-health-screenings

Regular blood pressure screening is recommended if you are eighteen years or older. This routine test should be performed at least a few times a year. If your physician identifies risk factors or anomalies, you might be required to take the tests more frequently. Unhealthy blood pressure is associated with hypertension, heart failure, stroke and poor function of organs. The blood pressure test is simple and takes just a minute to perform with modern technology. You can actually have this screening performed in a pharmacy.

STD screening

Sexually transmitted diseases range from simple curable bacterial infections to viral illnesses like herpes and HIV. Unfortunately, most of these are silent; this means that the ailment does not show any significant signs and symptoms until the advanced stages. Therefore, every sexually active male should be tested regularly. The intervals will depend on specific sexual activities and other risk factors. It is also prudent to be tested before getting involved with a new partner.

Prostate cancer

Early detection of prostate cancer is critical for efficient treatment, and it reduces the risk of complications. Therefore, if you are fifty years or older, you should consider having regular health screenings for prostate cancer. The probability for developing the disease is high at this age. However, if you are at risk according to hereditary ties, you should talk to your doctor earlier. There are numerous opinions with regard to the intervals for tests, but the physician can provide particular advice based on your history.

Cholesterol screening

Unhealthy cholesterol levels make you susceptible to heart diseases. Detection and preventative treatment or lifestyle changes can help in the management of any anomalies. In ideal circumstances, you should start this screening at the age of thirty five and then regularly after every few years. If you are an at-risk individual due to diabetes, obesity, family history or high blood pressure, you should start this screening at twenty and undergo them more often, at least once a year.

In addition to these critical for every man’s health tests, ensure that you have a general physical examination. This allows the doctor to assess your health risks and help you improve your lifestyle habits for a better and longer life.