Managing Diabetes through Healthy Eating

Diabetes is the result of the body being unable to properly control the glucose level in your blood. This can either be because the body is unable to produce insulin or it is unable to use the produced insulin properly.

Insulin is the hormone that transfers glucose to the body cells from the bloodstream. The glucose is then converted into

When it comes to managing diabetes, moderation in diet is crucial. There really is no magic eating formula for diabetics, but there are some steps that can be added to the healthy eating regimes of people trying to manage the condition. Here are some tips to help manage diabetes.

Cut down on fatty foods

Not all fats are unhealthy though. Choosing fats wisely is just as important as taking the proper amounts of it. The healthiest fats are unsaturated fats, which are derived from fish or plants sources including nuts, olives and avocados.

Eat regular meals

Evenly spaced meals help control appetite as well as glucose levels. This is even more so for people who are on insulin. In general, you should take no less than 4 meals a day, which should come in small helpings.

Eat a lot of beans

Beans are rich in fiber, low in fat and they are cheap to buy. They don’t affect blood glucose very much and can even control cholesterol in blood.

Cut down on sugar

Having diabetes does not necessarily mean that your diet has to be totally sugar-free. Sugar can still be part of your diet as long as you take just small amounts of it.

Reduce your salt intake

Too much salt is a catalyst for high blood pressure. High blood pressure increases your exposure to heart disease which is very prevalent in people with diabetes. Avoid processed foods as they account for most of the salt we take.

Avoid alcohol

Although you may not know about it, but most alcohol drinks have a lot of calories. Besides, alcohol is known to stimulate appetite. In order to control your weight, you have to cut back on it. Drinking when hungry is also not a good idea, especially if you are on insulin or other medications that expose you to hypos; alcohol makes hypos more likely.

Watch your belly fat

Belly fat surrounds your abdominal organs as well as the liver and can lead to insulin resistance as well as diabetes. Women whose waist circumference is 35 inches and above and men whose waist circumference is 40 inches or more are more exposed to diabetes.

Bottom line

Although diabetes seems to be on the rise, the disease is considered to be preventable and manageable. Taking the necessary steps to control or prevent diabetes does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of delicious foods. It simply means having a balanced diet with healthy foods prevailing, which, by the way, can be very delicious as well.