New Treatment for Prostate Cancer Offers much Hope

Cancer is, without a doubt, the most serious and dangerous medical condition of our time. It has many different types while it is also able to evade many treatment methods.

One of these cases is prostate cancer and its ability to become rather resistant to the latest anti-cancer drugs. Just like every other type of cancer, if not treated effectively, chances are that it will be fatal for the patient. Fortunately not only for the men suffering from the disease but also the future generations, a new “weapon” is here to help.

Medical researchers from the Institute of Cancer Research of London have located a protein that prostate cancer uses to trigger a certain mechanism that, in turn, helps develop resistance to common treatment methods. Its name is Hsp90 and it is responsible for disrupting the normal operation of the male hormone receptors, making the patient’s body unable to receive and utilize the administered drugs.prostate-check-up

This new treatment is based on tools called “inhibitors” which prevent Hsp90 from helping the disease evade the actions of drugs. This is a new and promising strategy since attacking a tumor directly has been proven to be ineffective in some cases, due to the great resilience and defense mechanisms they have against potential threats.

There is also another advantage offered by the aforementioned technique. According to oncologists, it has been observed that using the Hsp90 inhibitors greatly reduces the tumors’ ability to metastasize. Sadly, since cancer is a very difficult opponent, there have also been documented cases where the disease managed to overcome this obstacle thrown in its way and was able to “turn on” and spread.

But still, a new method that is proven effective in a relatively large percentage of the patients it was tested on gives us extremely valuable information about the disease and the things we can do to battle it. The solution that will cover 100% of the cases may be only one or two steps away.

There is a wide range of cancer types and most of them equally dangerous and life threatening. It will require a huge amount of patience to be able to finally unlock the secrets of this medical condition and invent a way that will defeat every single one of them for good. For the time being, we need to make use of even the slightest step of progress towards our goal of finding the ultimate cure.