Non-Surgical Breasts Enlargement Options

Being a woman, I think I speak for all females when I say that most of us would like to have bigger breasts. There are several different ways to improve our cup size, both surgical and non-surgical. Of course, surgical breast enlargement will provide you with overnight results, and you’ll wake up with an impressive double D, or whichever size you picked before, but this way also has some downsides – a few of them being the price and possible health complications. Some places around the world like Thailand or India may offer you the same surgery a few thousand dollars cheaper, but keep in mind that it can be performed by an inexperienced or even un-certified doctor, so if you choose to go the surgical way, make sure to know who your surgeon is and if he is properly qualified.

Ways to Enlarge Your Breasts Naturallyboobs-envy

Even though surgical enlargement may seem like a tempting idea, remember that for our body, natural is always the best way to go. So for those of us who don’t want to go under the knife, there are some natural ways that will help us boost our breasts growth.

Breast pumps

One of these non-surgical options is breast pumps. They are a great option if you prefer to not take any additional supplements or change your entire diet. A breast pump works by increasing the amount of breast tissue. It is achieved through slight suction that causes more blood to flow through the breast tissue, helping our breasts to grow. The breast pump will require a regular usage of at least 3 months or so before you will start to see a difference. Also, remember that these pumps are not the same breast pumps that you would use to feed your little one. The breast pumps for breast enlargement are specifically designed to boost our breasts growth.

Optical illusion

Another great way which, if done right, will actually make your breasts look bigger instantly is creating an optical illusion. Of course, it will require some skills and dedication. An optical illusion for bigger breasts can be achieved by means of the right make-up.

Although this method won’t make your boobs bigger for real, it works great as a temporary measure if you want to impress your date or want to look drop-dead gorgeous for a very important occasion. To achieve the desired effect, you need to apply a swift brush of bronzer on the “V” space between both breasts, starting at the bottom and going from darker to lighter as you work your way up.

Make sure not to overdo it, however. Even with this make-up trick, your breasts should look as natural as possible.

Feed them

That’s right, your boobs need nutrition. By sticking to a breast-enhancing diet, we can greatly improve the size of our breasts. There are many different kinds of food that could help our breasts grow. For example, drinking milk, eating seafood, plenty of protein, nuts and green-leaf vegetables could make your breasts bigger with time.

There are two little problems with this method though. Firstly, the result is not guaranteed. Secondly, if you try to enlarge your breasts with the help of food, your other body parts such as the belly and hips might grow a bit, too.