6 Secrets of Successful Erection

Male impotence is the most common problem in men all over the globe. According to the representatives of the stronger sex, this is exactly ED that is considered the most frightening sign of approaching old age. With that when a 30-years-old man experience some sex fails he can be trapped in depression that is hard to get out. He will most likely be seeking the symptoms of impotence and will be constantly thinking of the problem, which only aggravates the situation. Taking that into account the problem of potency is associated with psychological as well as physical (structural) changes. These are some advices of experts on how you can avoid this annoying problem, thus to achieve a successful erection:

smoking-impotenceDon’t be in a hurry! As a man gets older, he needs more time on sexual stimulation that is responsible for strong erection. In men aged 18 to 20 years old an erection is achieved in a few seconds, while a man in age of 30 to 40 needs a couple of minutes to be aroused. It doesn’t mean he is an impotent, he just needs more time to get sexually active.

What is good for the arteries is good for a penis. Over the past years it’s became obvious that penis is a vascular organ. The same substances that clog arteries, like cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, also affect blood flow to the penis. In fact all men over 38 suffer from narrowing of arteries. So mind what you eat.

Give up smoking. Studies show that nicotine constricts blood vessels. Researchers believe that inhaling of cigarette smoke blocks erection by preventing relaxation of smooth muscles of a male organ. At first nicotine dilates blood vessels, as a result the smoker feels a burst of energy. But alas every action has a reaction: after a temporary relaxation vessels get significantly narrowed. In 5-10 years of smoking vessels are accustomed to be always narrowed. Moreover, smokers have thicker blood that is poorly oxygenated and flows slower through the network of blood vessels and capillaries. It’s better to give up smoking prior you have ED problems.

Mind the medications taken. The root of the problem can be found in the medication you take, either prescribed by a doctor or you buy without Rx in Canada. They are antihistamines, diuretics or sedatives. It doesn’t mean all of them cause impotence, it means they can affect you but at the same time another patient may not experience their harmful side effects. There are about 200 medications that may cause ED problems, mostly in men of 50+ years old. So if you have doubts about the drugs you take, consult your doctor or pharmacist, who can change the dose or recommend a similar drug.

alcohol-impotencyBe careful with alcohol drinks. Alcohol excites desire, it’s true, but at the same time it takes away the ability. This happens because alcohol depresses the nervous system, inhibits reflexes and causes the state that is opposite to excitation. Over time, too much alcohol can cause hormonal disorder due to nerve and liver damage. With damaged liver a man’s body starts to accumulate excess of female sex hormones, while a man should have a right proportion of hormones to make everything work as it should.

Relax. It’s important to relax and here is why: human nervous system works in two ways. When activity of sympathetic nervous system predominates, your body is always “in alert”. It is activated only when you are nervous. Nerves make your blood flow from digestive organs and penis to your muscles. Your body is flooded with norepinephrine causing a state that is opposite to achieving erection. The key to solving this problem is to relax. Let you parasympathetic nervous system come over. Signals that go through this system will help you relax blood vessels and sinuses of a penis, thus to fill it will blood and make it as stiff as a pole.