The Modern Man’s Cornerstones for Healthy Living

A recent study published in the Preventive Medicine journal demonstrates that the modern man increasingly faces work-related stress, which is directly linked to greater health risks in the long run. While work stress is often related to outside elements that make us feel pressured to succeed, we are a great deal more informed about the lifestyle changes and hygiene we need to adopt in order to minimize the negatives and maximize our mental performance and potential to lead a happier life.

Your most important muscle

…is your heart, which is relentlessly expanding and contracting in order to pump the equivalent of 2000 gallons of blood through your circulatory system. It is therefore essential to acknowledge how important it is to stay active and keep your heart healthy. Your heart beats faster during intense physical activity, thus speeding up the entire process of bringing oxygen and nutrients to your cells, and just like any other muscle, it requires exercise in order to be strong and healthy. If you are an active man, you probably know the importance of incorporating cardio into your exercise routine.

Group of men.Get informed

Most websites and publications which attempt to communicate the staples of a healthy life to men will have you believe that as soon as a new fitness or eating fad emerges, it is the new go-to for sustaining the balance in your lifestyle. The truth is, eating habits as well as exercise are entirely relative to a man’s age, body type, health status and several other factors that make it difficult to claim living under an effective common denominator.

At a glance, we are often flooded with product suggestions and widely available information highlighting the benefits of protein for men, but in most cases, protein is actually only a necessary diet supplement for highly active men or professional sportsmen, whereas ordinary men can naturally consume sufficient amounts of protein to sustain a moderately active lifestyle with regular sessions at the gym.

Statistically, men are more likely than women to suffer from ADHD, alcohol dependence, heart disease and some other health conditions. So the prevention method of regularly visiting your doctor and openly voicing any concerns is vital. A smart man should stay on top of preventative doctor’s appointments as well as perform simple self-checkups that can truly make a difference to long term health.

Your weight matters

Roughly three out of four men in the United States are overweight, and piling up extra pounds leads to a variety of health problems, especially in the cardiovascular system. While the best strategy for shedding extra weight is to get moving and exercising whenever possible, the modern man should make conscious decisions when it comes to eating too. Familiarize yourself with the hierarchy of carbohydrates structure and dissect the other components of your diet to understand what food groups might be preventing you from having your ideal weight.