Top 3 Sex Myths about Men

Sexual life is considered to be a very sensitive issue that most of us avoid discussing with others, even with a medical professional. Quite often, lack of sexual education leads to the creation of certain myths and rumors that simply refuse to die, no matter how much science has advanced. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of them that refer to men and their sexuality.

  1. Men are always willing and ready to have sexmen's dream

A recent research has showed that up to 30% of men who are married or in a long term relationship often consider sex to be some sort of “burden”. Men may be considered to be the gender that is thinking of sex 24/7, but it turns out that the reality is a bit different. Well, at least when it comes to almost one third of all men in a relationship.

  1. The size of the man’s penis is the most important thing for sex

This is a very popular misconception. However, it’s mostly men rather than women who believe in it. All it does is create “performance stress” to men, leading to other sexual issues like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Most women are perfectly satisfied with the average penis size and no, having one that is way too big is not better. On the contrary, it may reduce the sexual pleasure of your partner since it may cause pain. So, as the famous saying goes, “be happy with what you’ve got“. Unfortunately, a lot of men overinterpret the size of the penis just like so many women attach too much importance to their breasts.

  1. If the man does not achieve an erection, sex is impossible

The only thing that can prevent you from having sex is lack of imagination. There are many other ways to offer pleasure to your partner. In fact, the more you think that you are ruining everything by not being able to perform, the more frequently it will happen. Using your tongue, lips and fingers can cause an orgasm to your woman as intense as intercourse would. You just have to experiment and find out which part of the woman’s body can receive the highest degrees of stimulation, thus helping her to climax.

The above are only a few of so many false rumors that circulate not only the Internet, but also the talks and discussions of both men and women. In order to advance as a species in every aspect, we must abandon the taboos and stop considering natural procedures and characteristics to be something someone should be ashamed of. We should also realize that correct information and proper education are both extremely important to improve the quality of our lives.