Understanding Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation, which is often referred to as PE by physicians, is when a man ejaculates too early without his wish, which makes a normal sexual intercourse impossible. This habitually happens before or right after penetration.

Everyone would like to be in a relationship where sexual activities are successful. When a man is not able to stay long enough in bed to please his partner, both him and his woman are trapped in a stressful situation.

When does premature ejaculation occur?

Some men have been found to experience PE the first time they were involved in a sexual act. In some men, this disorder starts happening after they have already had normal sexual sessions before. This means something must have triggered the problem.premature-ejaculation-man However, it does not mean that any time a man ejaculates uncontrollably he is suffering from PE. Sometimes, it may be just because a man hasn’t had sex for a long period of time. For example, men who were isolated from women for a prolonged time (being in the army or serving time in jail) are known to experience PE for some time after they come back to a normal sex life.

Causes of premature ejaculation

It can be caused by chemical imbalance in the part of brain that controls the function. This is usually the case for those men who have PE at the beginning during their first sexual experience. However, it is widely known that PE is also brought about by psychological factors. A man may be meeting a partner for his first time and does not know what to expect. Farther on, if a man has failed to control his ejaculation for the first few times, he may become anxious. Every time he is about to have sex, he develops negative expectations and thus either impotence or premature ejaculation issues arise.

Self-image of a man also contributes to his performance in bed. If a man is having unappreciative partner or he is having some issues in his life, most of the times they develop low self-esteem. This may also affect his sexual performance leading to PE.

Curing premature ejaculation

There may not be a specific cure for PE but it can be managed and eventually coped with. It is good to seek medical attention as there might be a medical condition that is triggering PE. The treatment may include behavioral and mental techniques as well as exercises. For example, Kegel exercises which help strengthen the pelvic floor and can assist in eliminating the problem.

There also a wide range of erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Cialis and many others which, although rather intended to deal with importance in men, can help get rid of premature ejaculation as well.