Why Are Men Faking Orgasms?

Faking orgasms is considered by almost everyone to be something done exclusively by women, but a recent research is here to contradict this claim. Even though it is considered to be a sign of disrespect towards the partner, experts claim that fake orgasms prove, at least most of the times, that there are issues in the sex life of the couple. In this article we are going to mention the most common reasons why men might be faking orgasms. Some of these reasons are obvious while others are not that easy to comprehend at first.

Discomfort or panic due to erection problems

orgasm_faceOne of the forms of erectile dysfunction is where a man can get an erection, but cannot always sustain it long enough to complete sexual intercourse. Men facing sexual issues of this kind may choose to pretend they reached an orgasm just to hide the fact that they can’t continue having sex, and also to avoid explaining to their partner what is wrong.

No interest in the intercourse

It may seem unbelievable to some people, but men are not always ready or willing to have sex. There are times when they just do it to please their wife or girlfriend. Thus, as soon as they feel that their ‘job’ is done, the fastest way to end the process is a fake orgasm.

Hiding premature ejaculation issues

Just like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation is another sexual problem that men will do whatever they can to hide. While, technically, premature ejaculation is not a fake orgasm, men pretend to climax voluntarily to prevent their partner from understanding what really happened.

Following the “standard procedure”

The vast majority of men think that the only way to end sexual activity is for the man to achieve an orgasm. That’s rather true and normal sexual intercourse should end in ejaculation. However, it doesn’t happen every single time and sometimes a sexual act becomes protracted and tiresome with the men unable to reach ejaculation while a firm erection stays on. The reasons for this might be that the man is just tired, or there is some intense thought that occupies his mind, or simply because he has had too much sex lately. Anyway, whatever the reason, if ejaculation does not come for too long, men tend to fake a climax to give the impression that everything went according to “plan”.