Women share their views on Addyi

“I was a bit doubtful about this ‘female Viagra’ that everyone was buzzing about but no one seemed to really agree on. I am happy to report that it works for me though. My sex life and my relationship with my long-term boyfriend have improved immensely since I got on this, so I can’t rave enough about it!”



alo“I went through the embarrassment of being an adult virgin, because I never felt any excitement at the prospect of having sex with either men or women. It was my GYN that suggested I tried Addyi after realizing my situation, and it came in handy because I just started dating with a man. My situation changed after the first pill and I’m now in a serious, sexually active relationship. Addyi was just what I needed to get my desire going.”



“I hate to admit it, but Addyi was not the solution for my problem, which was incredibly frustrating because I placed so much reliance upon it. The drug probably might have worked if I was able to take the medication for more than a couple of days, but that was not the case. I was hit by strong headaches, dizziness and nausea as soon as I took my first pill. Sadly enough, however, I still have no idea of what went wrong for me, because I followed all precautions.”



“I’m still nowhere near menopause, but my relationship became decidedly lukewarm after having the second child. Having established that there were no traumas, hormonal problems or loss of attraction keeping me from wanting sex with my partner, my doctor decided to pull some strings and get me on Addyi. Let’s just say the peach pill changed everything: I became sensitive to every look and touch of my man, and sex started entering my mind again quite quickly. My relationship has gone from lukewarm to scorching and it has stayed that way since.”



“The first days with Addyi were not very pleasant – I felt nausea and couldn’t even think about sex – so it was a good thing that I started the treatment on Christmas vacation. By New Year’s Eve though, I was ready to have a kiss at midnight and go from there. I took my boyfriend home that night for the first time. We’re now engaged, so you can guess how that particular night and the subsequent ones went.”



“I never had sex as good or satisfying as I do since I started to take Addyi. I really recommend it. More or less, I always had arousal problems which resulted in poor lubrication. I often had to use lubes, which was a bit wearied and embarrassing. Thanks to Addyi, it’s in the past now. Moreover, I noticed that my orgasms have become more frequent and intense.”



“Addyi seemed to be improving my libido and arousal when I tried it briefly, but I had to stop the medication because it turns out I have heart and blood pressure problems that hadn’t been flagged before. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to this drug when it comes to female sexual dysfunction.”



“I’d been married for a while when I started noticing that sex had become as much of a chore as dusting. When I mentioned my delicate problem to my doctor whom I’ve know like 15 years, she suggested that I should try Addyi, which was an absolutely new drug that I hadn’t heard of at the time. I’m so glad I asked then, because this drug has helped me improve the intimate relationship with my husband so much.”



“I’ve dealt with female sexual dysfunction for as long as I remember, so I was really eager when Addyi became available. Basically, the drug has acted up to its reputation. I don’t reach an orgasm every time I have sex now but at least I can experience pleasant feelings, which is a great improvement because I mostly used to feel just a slight pain during sexual intercourse. So I’m rather content with the result.”



“I don’t remember ever enjoying sex before Addyi. Now I wish I was still a virgin when it became available, because my first experiences would have been much more pleasant to look back on. Now I feel like I choose to do it instead of just going along.”